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If you’re anything like me (which chances are you’re not because I’m one in a million) you hate when people ask you, “What was the last book you read?” If I were honest, I would answer, “To Kill a Mockingbird in the seventh grade.” But as that’s a little too accurate to be funny, I usually just come up with one of the many titles that have made their way under my bed. I have every intention of finishing a book but I just don’t think it’s for me. I read the first few chapters then get bored. Maybe if we have a hurricane (here’s hoping!) this year I will finally finish one.
Don’t be too quick to judge my intelligence though, you bookworms. I do my fair share of reading, but in a way that’s appropriate for me. Short, sweet and fabulous.

My abbreviated collection of Domino and House BeautifulI seriously need a new camera. This is foul.
I like magazines. There’s nothing better than picking up your mail and seeing a perfect bound glossy magazine just waiting to be discovered. I usually fumble all my other mail around and struggle to hold Watson’s leash as I tear through the first few pages. Ah, now that’s the kind of “reading” I can get on board with.
2005-2009Here Lies DominoThe most fabulous publication to ever bless my lifeR.I.P.
Unfortunately the publishing world lost one of it’s gems, Domino, last year due to the heartless recession. I remember where I was when I got the news. The editor sent out a painful message to their avid subscribers with the sad news that Domino would be no more. I was at work, let out one of my classic overdramatic puffs for air and had to hold back tears. Really. I wanted to cry. As I was still the “new girl” I refrained until I got home.
The more I revisit my issues of Domino the more upset I get that it’s not around anymore. It really challenged me to think out of the box and design a space that reflects “me”. As that never happened, you can imagine how sad I am that it’s not around to give me the encouragement I so desperately seek in terms of my interior decisions.
I also discovered that it was said that Domino is for the woman who “wants to have fun on the never-ending search for items for her home.” Well now I might just cry again. That’s what Semi-Designed Life is all about!! I am not and will never be satisfied with the space I’m living in. I believe your space should evolve and grow as you do. You should be surrounded by things that make you happy every day. Your space should reflect you at every stage of your life. Right now, my space is screaming, “Broke 20-Something” and I love it. Well, until I get the hankering to recover a chair in a Schumacher fabric. Then I get depressed and consider mowing lawns for some extra spending money.
But anywhoozies, Domino was an amazing magazine and if you never got the pleasure of reading it, try to snag some issues off Ebay. I know I’m going to try and expand my collection that way. Let the bidding wars begin…
House Beautiful
That magazine euphoria I previously mentioned has been restored with House Beautiful. If I weren’t so freakishly obsessed with Domino the past few years, House Beautiful would have made a special place in my heart a lot sooner. Offering the same kind of funky offerings Domino provided me, HB gives me that fix I so desperately crave.
They do a great job of incorporating affordable finds with the ridiculous so I don’t feel so bad about myself by the time I get to the back cover. But really, HB is an incredible resource and provides amazing inspiration whether it’s for arranging your artwork or bookcases or for tantalizing you with pretty dishes or linens. It’s consumer friendly and is laid out in a way that allows you to “shop” through the entire magazine.
House Beautiful, please make it through the recession. I can’t lose another friend.
Hello Lonny my new friend
Enter Lonny. Lonny has been up and running since October 2009. Former Domino employees and activists started this genius new platform that allows junkies (like moi) to get their fix via the web! It’s a smart new solution that allows you to hover over and click on anything that catches your fancy and it takes you immediately to a link where you can purchase that sparkly something. Now THAT is consumer friendly! Or consumer dangerous. Pick your poison.
And finally, that familiar Domino je ne sais quoi is back. The quirky is here to stay and nothing tickles me more. I finally have something that makes me question the “me-ness” of my living space! So glad something has me doubting myself again.
I urge all of you to go out and pick up one of my favorite “books” and try to discover what your space says about you. And next time someone asks me, “What was the last book you read?” I will proudly answer, DOMINO AND HOUSE BEAUTIFUL AND LONNY. WHAT OF IT?!?”