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It always made me laugh (and question the intellect of the general public) when I was little and would go to some place like Vermont and they would ask if I rode a horse to school. Yes, dumb-a, I ride a flipping horse to school in the fourth largest city in the nation and I milk the cow at recess for tomorrow mornings milk.
While I may have never admired a horse as a means of transportation, I admire their gracefulness and stature in the home department. I’m a big fan of bringing in animal accessories to the decorating party. In fact, I have a silver elephant named Geoffrey (yes, with a “G”). I really wanted to bring a horse home but felt like my house started looking more like a zoo since I also have a whale, foo dogs and a real dog. I hope I inspire you to bring home a horsie since I’m overly animal-ated.
A few pony inspired spaces:

A few pony inspired pieces:
I actually saw these beauties on sale (half off!) at Z Gallerie and I was tempted to get two of them to flank my fireplace. Besides not wanting to spend $200 on something as hilarious as two horse heads, I knew Watson would either A. feel threatened by their presence B. stare lovingly into their eyes and make up a fake love affair in his head or C. and most likely, knock them over and crack their horse skulls.
HAUS INTERIOR, HORSE HEAD SCULPTUREBut then I saw this sassy creature shining back at me at Haus Interior and I thought, well, well, well. That’s it. That’s as far as my thoughts went. Other than the fact that he’s really pretty and I would probably name him Stanford if he came to live with me.
But this little guy is more of a Trojan Horse Greek Mythology creature. Except (and I could be wrong, haven’t taken Greek Mythology in a while) I don’t think the real Trojan Horse had a light bulb. I would absolutely choose this fellow over the real Trojan Horse. Who needs a huge horse full of Greek Warriors? Ok, THIS blogger does. Raaar.

But since I said no more animals are allowed to enter the house (except for Watson’s many suitors) I need to inspire the equestrian theme without being so literal. These items could do the ticket…

Reminds me of stirrups. No?
HAUS INTERIOR, ALPACA WOOL THROWReminds me of those blanket things they put on the horse to keep them warm. See…I’m no equestrian.
And that’s the skinny on equestrian decoratin’. Excuse me, I must go saddle up my horse and start moseyin’ on over to my work space.
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