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This week has been an interesting one. Moving, packing, working. All things testing my patience and sanity. I’m floating through and trying to be a positive little pea pod and praying that everything magically ends up where it needs to be. That will happen, right?
What I’m really needing right now is a vacation. Obviously I need a teleportation device of some sort. That would make things A. Free and B. Immediate. Where would I teleport to in my teleportation device? A.N.G.U.I.L.L.A.

I made it! I teleported onto this sweet little boat.
That’s Dante. He’s rowing me to shore. Kind lad.
You: “Anguilla!”
Me: “Duh, Anguilla. You should know that the lesser known Viceroy (popular big sister in Palm Springs) is the Viceroy Anguilla and it’s fantoooobulous. What makes it even more fantooooobulous is that is was decorated by Kelly Wearstler.”
You: “EGHAST! Sounds like a place filled with magic.”
Me: “So glad you mentioned that. It is filled with magic. Magical powers you have yet to experience because you don’t have a teleportation device like me. So, I’ll share my vacation shots with you.”
You: “You’re the kindest female blogger I have ever met. Bless you.”
Me: (Blushes) “Yes. Yes I am.”

The lobby screams, “Hi Kelly Wearstler was here
and she made me a pretty little princess.”

This vignette looks like Kelly threw up her Werstlerness all over it.

Here I am. Hoping I never have to leave the Viceroy.
Day dreaming that all of my packing woes are rectified at home.

Didn’t I have a lovely vacation? Sadly, I had to teleport back home today. I will keep you all posted on my path to insanity and upcoming move.
It’s Thursday sistas and brothas!