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Nothing thrills my little brain more than to see a well made coffee table. Not well made in terms of construction, but well made in terms of styling. Did I just blow your mind? I feel like the coffee table is the perfect canvas to restyle your life in an instant. That, paired with clever pillow arranging, and your living room is instantly transformed. So, consider this the tablescaping project.
DISCLAIMER: We all know that my camera decided to die in San Francisco. Being so, I resorted to my iPhone and some photo retouching. Feel free to send me a digital SLR so I can properly document my life and entertain your eyeballs. You won’t regret it…mom.

Romantical TablescapingThis is what my coffee table will look like at all times while I am engaged.

Will, if you’re reading this, try not to look so surprised.

You knew exactly what you were getting into five years ago.
Beachy Tablescaping

Too much? I don’t know. At least it’s clean!
I do love my shell balls.
Mix of Modern Tablescaping

Just a bit of everything here. 
Proudly displaying my Domino and House Beautiful collection

I think this is how my table will stay this evening. 1.) because I don’t want to put everything back in it’s place and 2.) the wine is where it should be, close to me and 3.) maybe the limes will inspire me to make a sayonara summer margarita.

I have big dreams for this little table. It’s my most expensive and thus far most exciting furniture purchase to date. Mostly because it elevated my blood pressure. Anyway, it secretly makes me cringe every time someone plops their feet up on my delicate little flower. It’s pretty flimsy and I just gasp thinking that the mirror will shatter in a batrillion pieces onto my seagrass rug and I will never be able to pick up all of the glass. Would be an epic tragedy.

So, I’ve been planning on converting the little coffee table that could into a transformable ottoman. The mirror pops out and I could really easily plop on an upholstered top for feet propping and optimum TV watching purposes. My man friend has already been so kind to cut the wood for me! I think mostly because he wanted an excuse to use one of his handy new tools. Either way, I’m thankful to have an equally crafty counterpart to cut things and nail things and hang things for me.

What do you think I should upholster it with? Needs to be super durable but I don’t know what route to go! Pattern or plain? Worthy of trim? Decisions, decisions. Help me, designaristas!!

That’s it for the coffee tablescaping/repurposing saga. Head on over to Emily Clark’s blog to read about her snag of a coffee table from Craig’s List.

Wonderful weekend wishes!