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Mod Undercurrent
I have a huge art crush on Jennifer Latimer. Like, crazy, wow, I want to lock you up in the basement and make you paint for me all day, kind of crush. Thankfully, her art is accessible enough that I’m not going to have to resort to crazy people tendencies.

I purchased two 11″ x 14″ canvases from the Mod Undercurrent series (above) and can’t wait to get them! The Mr. and I typically don’t agree on our idea of art, but he actually liked this series. Wam, bam, thank you ma’am, I’ll take two please.

Banff Cascades Garden Spring Series
Gold is a common theme in all of her work. Is that a joke? Gold is a common theme in my life. She’s my art soul mate.
An Eye For Formality
And she has lots of pretty blues that make my heart happy. I would love to commission a piece from this series above for the living room in the new house. As you may remember, navy makes my heart squeeze.
Ellie Saab
And for all the fashionista, girlie girls in the world, many of her series are inspired by couture fashion lines. The gorgeous painting below was inspired by the Spring Ellie Saab collection.
Ellie Saab Collection
Makes me really love a little pink.
Missoni & Chanel
And this pretty princess is inspired by Missoni and Chanel.
Chanel Camellia
What girl wouldn’t love a little Chanel camellia framed in her closet or dressing room? I would. Especially if that means I have a closet with wall space or a dressing room.
Jennifer Latimer
Jennifer is as cute as a button and lives in Charleston, SC. A true southern belle! If you live in the Charleston area, she is available for personal meetings for commissions or you can shoot photos of your space and she can collaborate on a custom piece for you if you live far away.
So, go give her a little love and visit her website, her Etsy shop, her blog, and her Pinterest!